When the dot is not the end of the sentence



Here’s something interesting I came across.

“39th” is written as “39.” in Turkish. Therefore, the sentence is split incorrectly into two separate sentences.

I am not entirely sure how this situation could be avoided, however 2 possible manual fixes came to mind:

a) Joining sentences. Having a button / drag-and-drop functionality that allows to merge the bottom sentence with the one on top, and thus, updating the translation as well.

b) Ability to change the original text. If the user manually removes the “.”, it would automatically convert the sentence into one, merging with the one next to it. The translation also gets updated.

There might be a simpler solution however, one that doesn’t require the user to manually fix it.



Thanks for posting! I’m not sure there’s a good automated solution - splitting text into sentences can be tricky.

As far as a manual solution: You can now edit texts, both via the dashboard and via a link at the top of a text while playing.

From there you should be able to copy the bottom sentence and translation to the top one, save the top one, and then delete the bottom one.

Please let me know of course if any of the above is unclear, you notice any other issues, or there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thanks again!


Awesome! :partying_face:

I was able to fix an article using the newly added feature.

One little detail:

When I delete a sentence, it does not disappear right away.
I click Delete, it prompts a confirmation dialog, I confirm the deletion, and nothing happens in the view, the sentence is still there. Manually refreshing the page however, gives the expected the result - the sentence is gone. Using Microsoft Edge on desktop.

Thanks Mike!