What can we improve?


@citrusella great! I’ll see if I can’t get it to the produce sound when the wrong input is actually entered as well. Any other feedback or anything else I can do to improve TG2 please be sure to let me know!

@WillianV25 thanks for the followup! I’ll work on getting a Tatoeba sentence importer added for now. Long term it’d be awesome to have curated lists of sentences grouped by topic available like you described - will see what I can do! :raised_hands:

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Thanks Mike!

I think that different people have different strategies, so the greater flexibility/the more options a site has the better. I find that spaced repetition is great - and Clozemaster has been great in that regard. What has been missing is something that will let me work that way at the sentence level, ie seeing the same sentences that I have seen in Clozemaster, but instead of just filling in a word, having to translate the whole sentence. I think a lot of other people may feel the same way (maybe not). To make this work, I feel that there needs to be a controlled set - ie the 180,000 sentences from clozemaster that could be shaped into smaller sets (eg 10,000), each of which could become a „universe“ for the user to master.

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Can you support parallel texts?

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@Rocky how do you mean? What would you like to see?


Just had a problem with audio, presumably a bug. I have a long sentence which consists of 43 words, 280 characters (I know I should split it at some point).
When I try to use the audio, audio stops around 245th -245th character. Tried it multiple multiple times can confirm that it persists. Also I did another additional test, just to be sure, where I cut the sentence to be ~235 characters, and it worked well. It seems after a certain number of characters, the audio gets cut.


After playing a few sentences in an article (or fully completing it), if I use the reset all option and go back to the dashboard, the mentioned article still keeps the progress before the reset, not the progress after it.
I wanted to replay an article I fully completed a while ago. Half way through went back to the dashboard but the article was still marked as completed.
Is it the intended behaviour? Would it be better to completely reset an article when the reset all used?

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New features: min/max words per sentence, optional translations, and Tatoeba sentence importer

@urbancohort yep what you described sounds like it’d make more sense. I’ll work on an updating. :+1:


In the review mode, would it be possible to add a ‘skip sentence’ button for something you don’t want to play at that time? It would be useful for longer, more complex sentences that you want to save until later, once you’ve gained more experience. Thanks

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@alexg71 good idea! Added :+1:

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Thanks! And done so quickly!

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I suggest adding individual article review so you don’t have to review all the sentences, but only those of the selected deck

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@Kaspac thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure I understand entirely - what are the steps you have in mind? What’s the problem you’re looking to solve? Thanks again and for any further info!


@mike, well, there are these buttons when you open an article: Play All, Reset All, Only Favorites. And when you are in the dashboard, there is the Review button, which offers three options: reviewing all sentences, those that you have played, and favorites. I think it will be nice if we have another option: to review the sentences of the particular article. And so that it be convenient, the corresponding review button could be located in the article section next to the others (Play All, Reset All, Only Favorites).

Maybe this already exists though and I just haven’t noticed.


@Kaspac I see - thanks for the followup! That should be doable. And to be sure, reviewing the sentences of a particular article would take place on the same screen as normal reviews - in other words playing one sentence at a time with the just the translation shown, is that right?

Separately - what do you think of some kind of spaced-repetition system for reviewing favorited sentences?


@mike I rather had that idea (see the pic) since it looks more natural to me, but if it can’t be this way, I think it will be okay as well.

As for the SRS — yes, I like it! As of now, there is no SRS, right? Because when I did my review sessions, I noticed the same sentences appearing again and again. Could SRS work like in Clozemaster?

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Thanks for the screenshot - that’s helpful. When you click the Review button, should you go to existing review screen where you only see one sentence at a time, or should you stay on the article but have the text hidden for all completed sentences?

And thanks for the input on the SRS. Correct - as of now there’s no SRS, the sentences are simply selected at random. Yep I’m thinking either SRS like in Clozemaster. I know a number of users on Clozemaster have also requested a SRS closer to Anki’s algorithm, so may try that here as well.



I don’t think it makes a lot of difference… I personally like the first one since this way you clearly see that you are doing a review, and it’s also similar to Clozemaster, which I believe TG2 users are used to, but maybe create a poll to ask what everybody thinks?

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How’s it going, @mike?

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Would it be possible to add a tureng link within this popup?

For example, for this word “olay”, it would be:


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@Punk added!

@Kaspac updated here New features: Phrase Deck, article reviews, and URL shortcut. Added the review options via the dashboard to save clicking into the article to review. Interested to hear what you think! Will also keep you posted if/when SRS is added.