No obvious way to add accents to letters


as far as I can tell spanish is functionally impossible to write. tried Alt+letter (works on Clozemaster,) alt+NUM (creates a bug box), copy-paste (doesnt work at all). please fix

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Good point - thanks for the feedback! Will get something added.


So far so good. It is a challenge but it is training me to remember how important the Spanish articles, el, la, etc are and how tricky the prepositions can be. I can’t add anything to improve it yet. I did try to upload the NYT Spanish language daily boletín and wasn’t able to do so but I guess it must be a copyright issue. I love the boletín as it has some great word usage and keeps you up to date on the news at the same time. Thanks for including me in this. I hope to work on it everyday.

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@aaronrowe220 accent buttons added. Thanks again for the feedback. The accent keyboard shortcuts for Clozemaster have been problematic on some browsers/devices, so thinking we’ll just write up some good tutorials on changing your computer’s keyboard to your target language at some point and promote doing that.

@holachicos2 thanks for the feedback and glad to hear! I was happy to see I was in second place on the leaderboard today :slight_smile: I suspect the paywall might be the issue with the daily boletín like you mentioned, but you should be able to copy/paste the text to import the article that way if the url import doesn’t work.