Newbie - first thoughts


Seems pretty good to me. I started with a text from the library and then uploaded my own text.

It all seems very well thought out to me and it’s very easy to use and navigate.

I think it’s really great. It’s my first day with it so I’ll let you know more after I’ve played around with it for a week or so.

Keep up the great work!

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Great! Glad to hear and looking forward to it - thanks for the input!

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Well I’m back.

Still brilliant, I’ve gone from writing nothing to over 1000 words since I came across TG2! It’s so easy to use either intensively studying the text or just popping by when I have a free minute.

The new targets are really motivating, as is the leaderboard.

I haven’t found any bugs and being able to edit the text has been really useful. The speed of feedback and suggestion implementation is impressive.

So far 10 out of 10… thanks for the great work. I will be continuing to use this for a long time :smiley:

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@Bex wow - that’s awesome to hear! :star_struck: And thanks for posting, I really appreciate it! :raised_hands:


I like the format, and it is extremely helpful for reviewing learned words and learning new ones. The best part is that you can do it at your own level. Since I like colors, I think adding colors or making it more colorful would make it a little bit better and more fun. It would also be cool if we could maybe have weekly challenges relating to the language.


Glad to hear and thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: What kind of weekly challenges do you have in mind?


Maybe anything that could be funny like language jokes or fun like random language games. It would be really nice because people would be excited to do it everyday because they know they will have fun as well as improve their language skills, and competition is good motivation to do well. Caption the picture would be pretty fun too.

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Oh, and also, when the site has more users, it would be very cool if there was a forum for every language as well, but right know it might not be that helpful.


Love the concept. Am slightly overwhelmed by how hard I am finding translating from English back into Spanish (only day one), considering that I can read quite well and translate the other way. Maybe I am being over ambitious in the articles trying to translate so far.

So either this site is going to break me (hopefully not) or push and motivate me, and so slowly slowly will see some progress in my writing skills. That is how I came across this site, searching in Reddit r/languages or was it r/spanish for writing practice tips - and there isn’t really anything that seems to come close to this.


Actually would be great if anyone has any tips of how they attempt translations - maybe I am being a bit over ambitious. I think part of the problem is not remembering the original Spanish when I press play, but I guess that is part of the challenge.

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I am trying to add articles which I can read very, VERY easily and also ideally can listen to later. I have found podcast transcripts or audiobooks are good for this.

I don’t have time at the moment but my plan in September is to 1. Read the transcript/story. 2. Listen to the audio a few times. 3. Use TG2 to translate it.

At the moment I’m reading through these very simple children fairytales in Spanish, with a view to translating them next:

I figure once I can translate the really simple stuff I’ll move onto more complicated texts.

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I had a similar experience with my first import, went overboard and struggled a lot. TG2 made me realised that while I can read/understand the news, I tend to skip some words. So after the first trial, reducing the difficulty helped a lot.

In addition to the previous suggestion (reading and listening before importing) it would be better not trying to remember the whole sentences, as you said it is what makes TG2 challenging! At the moment I am working on some easy, short texts (~20 sentences) on history, geography to get used to writing and then planning to move to children’s stories.


I love the new game. I have to laugh because for the first 20 minutes or so I could not figure out what I was supposed to do. I made it through though and went right on ahead typing away. I think the idea is really ingenious. I never would have thought of such an idea! Great work! Ive only put in about an hour so far but will be back with further feedback.


@Laura thanks for letting me know it was unclear what you were supposed to do! Anything in particular you think would have helped make it more clear? What was your “ah-ha!” moment?

I’ll work on adding some explainers/tutorials as well as trying to make the initial import and playing through a text more intuitive. Thanks again!


I think there is a little bug when I go to the forum and it seems to log me out. Otherwise, this is really helpful for language learning.:grinning: