New features: Phrase Deck, article reviews, and URL shortcut


Some new features to announce! :tada:

Phrase Deck

I’ve found sentence favoriting and reviews useful, but sometimes there are just certain words and phrases I’d like to collect, learn, and remember. So I added the Phrase Deck feature.

Here’s the gist - you can now select/highlight a word or phrase in the sentence text. You’ll then see a popup with an editable automatic translation for that word or phrase and the option to save it to your phrase deck. Once saved, you see all the phrases in your phrase deck via your dashboard.

I’d eventually like to implement a spaced-repetition system for phrase deck entries on TG2 (and perhaps favorited sentences). In the meantime there’s an option to download your saved phrase deck entries as a tab-separated (TSV) file for import into Anki.

Hopefully this feature is useful when importing a text without translations as well - sometimes I like to add my own translations but switching tabs all the time for words and phrases I don’t know slows things down. The new popups should hopefully speed things up. If there are any dictionary links you’d like to see added please let me know.

Article reviews

You can now review completed and favorited sentences from just a single article (thanks @Kaspac for the suggestion!). When an article has completed and/or favorited sentences, you’ll see the review options on your dashboard.

URL shortcut

FYI! You can now get to The Great Translation Game by simply going to in your browser.

That’s all for now. Any feedback, issues, or anything you’d like to see added, changed, or improved please feel free to let me know!

What can we improve?

Brilliant new features… this is getting better all the time.