New features: min/max words per sentence, optional translations, and Tatoeba sentence importer


The title says it all. :slight_smile: You can now import texts and indicate the min number of words and max number of words per sentence - only sentences with a word count in that range will be kept.

Machine generated translations :robot: are also now optional. You can choose to import a text with no translations, then read through and add your own from scratch, OR choose to import a text with machine generated translations (the only option up to now) and then read through and edit/update the translations as needed.

For the former option - importing a text with no translations - I’m working on a feature where you can highlight/select part of a sentence to get machine translations for just that word/phrase. The idea is that sometimes I want to add translations myself, but it’d be useful to get some quick and easy help within TG2 on the words/phrases I don’t know. Will post more once it’s up!

And finally - a Tatoeba sentence importer. The database needs to be updated from Tatoeba more frequently but it should be a good start. I know occasionally I have trouble with a particular set of vocab or grammar topic, and translating through a bunch of example sentences is super helpful.

Like I mentioned above next up is sentence text selection and phrase translation. @urbancohort also mentioned an issue with the article reset feature in another thread I need to check out as well.

Any feedback on these additions please feel free to let me know. :+1: What else would be most helpful to have added, changed, or improved?

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When I try to use the Tatoeba importer I keep getting this error screen


It seems to be working now. Thank you!

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Thanks for letting me know about the issue! Beat me to posting that it was fixed :slight_smile:

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