Message 'No voice found!'


After a segment is finished this message always pops up:
‘No voice found! Please wait a moment and try again, or try another browser. Google Chrome usually works best.’

I am using Google Chrome on a Samsung tablet.

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We’re using the text-to-speech voices available via your browser for now, so it sounds like they’re not available on your tablet (despite using Chrome). Is there a way to add/install voices? I’m assuming Android, perhaps

Simply go to Settings > Language & input > Text-to-speech output , then tap on the gear next to “Google Text-to-speech Engine” and select “Install voice data”. Select the language of your choosing and check out the different voice options available.


Will also come up with something so that message isn’t shown after every answer if a suitable voice isn’t available.


I’ve checked, and both the Samsung and Google text-to-speech engine seem to be working properly. Both have Spanish voices installed. I’ve even set the default language to Spanish, to no avail.
Does Clozemaster use the same text-to-speech engine for listening excercises? Because I can do this type of excercise using Chrome browser with no problem.


I added a text-to-speech section to the Settings page (Menu top right > Settings when on the dashboard). Any voices showing up there?

Clozemaster uses a TTS service for the listening exercises, whereas at the moment The Great Translation Game is using the voices available on your browser/device. We could switch TG2 to use the same service, but it can get expensive and want to see if there’s enough interest in TG2 before getting it added (though it may be chicken/egg situation).


A lot of languages show up, among them Spanish Spain and Spanish United States. I thought the problem might be that only Spanish Spain had been downloaded, but I checked, and both are installed.


I have now played around with a variey of settings, including switching “Select to speak” (Accessibility) on and off again, and audio now works.
However, unless the system default language is set to Spanish the text is read with a strong English accent (which is hilarious b.t.w.).
Changing the default language isn’t really a viable option, because it changes the language of a lot of apps - in itself a great way to practice a language, of course.


Hm if Spanish is showing up in that list on the settings page it should be available while playing as well :thinking: Is it es-ES in the list? I’ll see what I can come up with - will likely add a way to select from available voices while playing an article. Changing the default language isn’t ideal like you described :slight_smile:


Both es_ES and es_US are on the list.
FWIW, after a segment is finished the text is read aloud, but if I click on the ‘Audio’ button the message ‘Voice not found!..’ pops up.
Oh, and I get exactly the same results on my phone (a Motorola).


Thanks for the additional info! Just put up a potential fix. Please let me know if you’re still seeing the alert after clicking the audio button.


I still get the alert after clicking on the audio button.
On the bright side, the text is now read in a Spanish voice after a segment is completed.


Progress! I pushed up another fix, this one ought to do it, I think :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s working now (for me at least). :smiley:

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