Japanese, Chinese, and Korean support added!


Czech and Finnish too :slight_smile: Please let me know if you notice any issues, especially with Chinese :cn: and Japanese :jp: as they can be tricky to split into sentences and words.


Hi Mike,

This is great news! Would it be ok if I passed the early access code to a US-based friend who is learning Finnish?

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Yea of course! Thanks for doing so. Adding ways to share TG2 from within the app is on my to-do list as well.

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Hey Mike, I’m having an issue with Japanese.

I’m on a Mac, and when I switch the keyboard input to Japanese, nothing is accepted as correct, and also the hint button disappears as soon as I enter anything. If I leave the field blank the hint button appears, but when I press it a blank β€˜character’ appears instead of the actual character.

I’ve also used the site for Spanish and had absolutely no problems there.