Hint button added!


And a settings button with options including auto-play text-to-speech after answering, sound effects, selecting the text-to-speech voice when possible, and a dark mode. Any feedback, ideas, or issues please let me know!


The new options are good. The hint button helps a lot as it speeds up the process. I try not to use it a lot though. Instead I go over the sentence a few times to try and figure it out. El estilo periodístico takes some getting use to so your idea to add other sources, would definitely add value.
I am pretty hooked on this and I find it more valuable than Clozemaster, although I still like using it for vocabulary building since it goes back and forth from Spain Spanish to Latin American Spanish and throws in a lot of colloquial language.
Thanks for including me in this.

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I like the new options, especially the ability to choose sound effects or not. Sometimes auditory feedback can be helpful, and sometimes just annoying (when working with a difficult text).

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