Editing or adding to texts as a whole


I have a text which I just created using the “import from website URL” feature. It has worked perfectly except that it has missed off the last 3 sentences of the story I was trying to copy across.

I wanted to be able to add these 3 sentences - is there a way to view the original imported L2 text (as it is stored on TG2) and also edit or add to it?

I also have other texts where there are unknown characters or full stops missing in the original imported L2 text, where I would like to correct the text before TG2 does it’s magic.

I know I can edit the L1 translations on a sentence by sentence level which is great but for me it would be useful to also be able to tidy up the original L2 text too.

Maybe others might find this useful as well?


Good points! Thanks for posting. I’d like to keep the import process as simple/streamlined as possible (despite the occasional issue like you described :slightly_smiling_face:).

What do you think of if while playing you’re able to add or edit sentences in your L2? For example might add a pencil icon or similar like currently exists to edit the translations, and could add a Add Sentence button at the bottom of the text. My concern here, however, is that there is already a lot of controls/functionality while playing, and I’d like to keep playing a text as simple as possible too.

Another option might be adding a way to edit the text via the dashboard once imported. Perhaps you click edit and then go to a page where you can easily edit each sentence as well as the translation, add sentences, and possibly (later) re-arrange the order of the sentences.

I’m not yet sure what would make the most sense, need to give it some more thought but something should be doable. Interested to hear what you think!


I think editing the original imported text should be seperate… because as you say, the area where you actually play needs to be kept as clean as possible.

I think that editing via the dashboard would be the way to go. I’m not sure you need to be able to edit the translations in this area because you can already do that but being able to edit (and add to) the original text itself would be useful I think.

Otherwise I am having to cut and paste the text into a text editor before I then copy and paste the text into TG2…which is a pain. Especially as I love the fact you’ve made it so easy and I can just use the URL to import but this text often just needs a little tweaking.

Did I cover everything? Hopefully someone else will chime in with their suggestions…

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I would also really like the ability to edit my articles as well. Could we also have a way to organize our articles, like having folders?


@Bex @meowie support for editing articles has been added! :tada: Please let me know if you notice any issues or have any thoughts for what might be improved. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Absolutely perfect…really clean and easy to navigate. Brilliant, thanks :smile:

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