Edit translation: Thank you!


Perhaps it was always there and I overlooked it, but I’m really happy with the option to edit the translation.:+1:
The machine translation is pretty good but has its limits. For example, I’m pretty sure ‘la periodista todoterreno’ is not ‘the off-road journalist’. And sometimes I will look up an unfamiliar word or expression and come up with a translation I like better.
So now my workflow is: read, translate, check against machine translation, edit translation. Do this for all sentences and then hit the ‘play’ button. Love it!


Me too. I edit the English translation a lot because the google translator is, of course, not perfect. It is more useful to read the English translation first and make corrections to awkward word selection and incorrect gender before attempting to play the game. Like you I also find it interesting to do a little research first to figure out why they picked a word. Periodista todoterreno probably comes from a Periodismo Todoterreno and I found this in a review of a book by Enrique Raab entitled Periodismo Todoterreno:
En otros países de Latinoamérica lo hubieran llamado “periodista todero”, pero nosotros preferimos el adjetivo más ciclístico de “todoterreno”, que indica velocidad y adaptación.
I hope you don’t mind I shared that. I just thought you might find it interesting as well.
TG is great. So many interesting things to discover.

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Yep thanks from me too. Edit translation is an excellent feature.

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Glad to hear and thanks for all the feedback! Anything else just let me know :+1:

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