Does anyone like the sound effect when an incorrect letter is entered?


When an incorrect letter is entered there’s a buzz/incorrect sound effect played by default. I’m thinking of removing this sound effect entirely unless anyone likes it / finds it useful. If so I can it toggle-able separate from the other sound effects. Of course any thoughts/feedback on the other sound effects or any you’d like to see added or changed is very much welcome as well. :slight_smile:


I was going to make the suggestion to remove the sound or maybe change it. I don’t like it but, of course, I always have the option of turning my sound off on the computer so didn’t really think it was a big deal and risk sounding kind of petty. I have to admit though, if I forget to turn it off, it surprises me and I find it annoying.The words going red is enough for me. Thanks.


You can turn it off on the play page (unless I misunderstood your comment). Here you can find mike’s comment and an ss: How to make lengthy sentences shorter

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Thanks. I missed both that post and the settings button on the play page.

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Thanks for the feedback @holachicos2 and thanks for linking to that comment @urbancohort! I’ve disabled the incorrect sound effect for now. If anyone would like it brought back let me know and I can make it toggle-able as mentioned above.


I didn’t mind it, personally, though on the flipside I’m not broken up about it being disabled, either.

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