Changing/Closing out a language


Can you change languages in your account without screwing up the account? I opened English with the intention of putting some English articles in there and then having the translator translate that to Spanish for a little different twist on the game but I realized you can’t do that without changing your language in your profile. I decided not to do that in fear of losing my whole Spanish game.
I decided to just put the English article in Google Translate and then copy paste the Spanish translation into my Spanish game which worked out although probably a translate of a translate with the same translator isn’t as good as the original since I get a lot out of working through some of the differences between the original and the translation.
If you can’t change your language without messing up your account, how do I go about closing out a language?
Still loving the game. It is a really great learning tool. I have even started just hitting the play all button at the beginning of each article without reading the translation first which is challenging but is a confidence booster. The review feature is great too. I do that a lot and it is surprising how much you forget in just a few of days. Thank you!


Yep you can change languages and play as many languages as you’d like. You won’t lose any of your progress for any of your current languages. You can switch languages by going to Menu > Languages from your dashboard. You should see languages you’re currently playing under the heading Games in Progress.

As far as changing your I speak / Translate articles into language:

Changing that won’t affect any of your existing imported texts. It will only affect any texts you import moving forward. So you could change it to Spanish, change the language you’re playing to English like you mentioned, and then change it back to English when you switch back to playing Spanish. I realize this is a bit of hassle - if other users end up requesting the same thing or you report back and find playing this way especially useful I should be able to move the I speak / Translate articles into to be separate for each language being played.

Please let me know of course if I misunderstood or you have something else in mind. How do you think I might make this clearer to prevent confusion for other users?

There’s not yet a way to delete your progress in a language once you start playing one - I still need to get that added.

Congrats on hitting 50k sentences played! :tada: That’s incredible and really impressive :raised_hands:

Any other features you’d like to see added or anything else that might be improved?

Thanks for playing and all the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That is exactly what I wanted to know. I really appreciate you getting back to me so fast.

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