Buttons on Articles are overlapping


Just in case you hadn’t noticed. The buttons on the article pages are overlapping in Portrait (fine in landscape). I hadn’t noticed before so it’s possibly a new issue…

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@Bex thanks for letting me know! Have you been playing TG2 on mobile web frequently? How do you like playing it on mobile? Any other feedback? I feel like it’s best suited to the web / having a keyboard, but that’s just my personal preference - interested to hear what you think! Will work on getting this fixed in the meantime. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


I do everything on my mobile…I rarely bother to boot up my laptop unless I have something serious to do :wink:

TG2 works very well for me on my mobile, partly I think because I usually choose articles with short sentences, I don’t know if it is ok with really long sentences.

I suspect though, it would all be much easier with a keyboard. Anyway I’ve had no issues so far apart from these buttons. Which was easily overcome by turning my mobile round to landscape.

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Thanks for the feedback! That’s helpful to know. A fix should now be up. Please let me know of course if you’re still seeing them overlap or notice any other issues. :slight_smile: