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Hi there,
I’ve been trying out The Great Translation Game since yesterday and I really like it, it’s surprisingly challenging :slight_smile:

I paste in a transcript of a french podcast I like to listen to and unfortunately, something is driving my wild a little.
In the transcript, the apostrophe is always used like this:

, like in cest. If I type, I would always type c’est - I can’t type the other one. Both are fine, but because I have to be exact, I have to use the which I can get from the extra symbols of course, but it’s slow.

Would it be unreasonable to accept both? I’m not sure if there is a difference between the two in any language or if this would generally be against the concept of the site.
Next time I paste something in where this is a problem, I could also replace all
with ’ as a workaround if it’s something that shouldn’t be interfered with.

Anyway, I really enjoy the site! :slight_smile:
Best wishes,

Edited as the symbol was automatically replaced by ’ in the forum text :smiley:

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Hi Laura!

Thanks for posting and glad to hear! :slight_smile: I should be able to get a fix up for the apostrophes before the end of the week - will post back here when I do. Any other feedback please be sure to let me know.

Thanks again!


Hi Mike!
Thank you very much, I appreciate this a lot! :slight_smile:

Best Wishes!

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This also happens in Turkish, not only with apostrophes, but also with quotation marks.

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hi, i noticed the peculiarities with the apostrophes and quotation marks, and especially dashes ( couldn’t find the correct one at all). I just used the hint key, to fill in the needed character and moved along. that works great for the time being. my focus is on words, not punctuation anyhow. :grinning:

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@virelai @Punk @Laura

I’ve added some checks to convert problematic single quotes, double quotes, and dashes to the more common versions of those characters. Please let me know if you notice any other problematic characters/punctuation.

Thanks again for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you mike!

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